Day 7- Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day blog challenge

Day 7- #10DBC

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7


Beating procrastination and overwhelm.

Taking action towards your goals seems like a pretty straightforward and obvious thing.

If you want to lose weight then you need to burn more calories either by eating less or moving more. In order to eat less you need to create a plan to take action toward removing temptations from your cupboard or fridge and eating foods that keep you full longer. In order to move more you need a strategy that will add activity to your day like signing up for a yoga class or setting timer to remind you to get up every hour and exercise.

When it comes to taking action towards my entrepreneurial goals I seem to forget all the tried and true strategies and waste a lot of time procrastinating and I don’t think I’m alone either. There seems to be a built in sabotage switch that fills some would be entrepreneurs with self doubt, limiting beliefs and a ‘it won’t work so why try’ attitude.

I think some of this comes from not having a clear path to follow. The road to successful entrepreneurship is long, winding and poorly marked. It becomes frustrating to put in a huge effort and not see results right away. People aren’t very good at delayed gratification in most cases so years of hard work for an uncertain reward takes some serious guts. Many quit when they are on the brink of a major breakthrough.

My commitment has been shaky at best as I spend countless days trying to find the ‘best’ path but as I now realize, I’m not going to find the best path if I don’t choose the next one to try. I have tried a couple and they weren’t my thing so in fact I have already weeded out some errors and am that much closer to success.

My one imperfect action for every is going to be to complete at least 3 Pomodoro sessions of 25 minutes each for the next 30 days in a row. Whether I think it’s ‘working’ or not, I will persevere and take stock when it’s done. I will lay out my plan for the 30 days on day 1 and then execute without second guessing myself.

If nothing else happens it will get me into a routine. Hopefully it’s more successful than that and I can actually find some wins and positive direction for the next 30 days.

Cheers to imperfect action!


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