Day 4- Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day blog challenge

Day 4- #10DBC


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

What is my superpower?

This is a tough one. I think if I could really pinpoint this then I would be miles ahead.

I do have plenty of talents and skills but where’s the sweet spot between what I can do and what I love to do and what I can get paid to do? That’s really the million dollar question, isn’t it?

What can I do well?

I think one of my best talents is solving complex problems. I seem to be able to cut through the noise and get to the heart of the matter. I love to solve problems and I have a true compass that keeps me focused on the actual problem rather than the symptoms. I am particularly good at using technology to solve business problems by automating systems and creating new processes.

Some of my favourite work projects have been to lead a project team of IT professionals and business consultants. I pretty good at reading people and figuring out their strengths and weaknesses in order to get the best from them on a project team.

Maybe along the same lines as problem solving is my ability to prioritize and organize to accomplish large complex projects. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, it actually motivates me to get more done. The longer my list is, the more I can get done.

What do I love to do?

I love to read and learn something new everyday. I like books about history, other cultures and sci-if. I’m a Gen X’er and during my lifetime technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and I am totally fascinated by it. When I was a nurse I gravitated towards ICU because of all the machines and technology.

I love to travel. Nothing lights me up like planning a trip to somewhere that I’ve never been before or sometimes back to where I didn’t get enough time to explore. I’m a big fan of travel without an itinerary so I can have the time to explore and discover without a schedule.

I love to cook. I’m very happy to spend the entire day in the kitchen making everything from scratch and using fresh local ingredients. I am rarely more happy than when I am hosting a dinner party and watching everyone enjoy the food and company. I have a four grown children and four grandchildren and so I regularly have 12, 14, 16 or more, for dinner and it’s an absolute joy to me.

What can I get paid to do?

I have had a strange and varied career. I have been a daycare owner, data entry clerk, customer service representative, collections manager, VP of Administration, project manager, general manager, registered nurse working in cardiac ICU, business consultant, bookkeeper and tax accountant.

I have worked in daycare, transportation, healthcare, government and agriculture.

Whenever I take on a project or a job, I always go all out and do the absolute best I can do. I have usually succeeded in my ventures and often people think I am totally crazy to have left positions that seemed perfect to them.

I really have a mindset though that just detests repetition. When something feels ‘done’ to me which usually means I have learned what I can and reached the goals I set out to reach, then I have to move on. I see no point in wasting my time if the challenge is gone.

Currently, I am working as business consultant for an indoor agriculture company and totally loving the project. Everyday I am challenged to create something from scratch like an operating procedure or customer information package. I am also learning something new almost daily like patent laws or how to make hydroponic solutions.

Where’s the sweet spot?

Obviously this contract will end at some point. Though that company has uttered the ’employee’ word which caused me to nearly panic as that sounds like jail to me. So I am starting to strategize about how to alter my contract to create a long term business out of it. Possibly for other similar companies as well.

The trouble of course is that while this project is great there’s every chance that it will become more work than fun as that is what has happened to every other thing I ever done.

I also have a bookkeeping business which is easy for me and pays well but not particularly interesting. My plan is to outsource the work once I have a reasonable portfolio to pass along.

So where to next turn my attention and try to build something sustainable that can support my freedom lifestyle??

If you have some thoughts, I’m all ears.


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