Day 3- Natalie Sisson’s 10 Day blog challenge

Day 3- #10DBC


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

My Perfect Day

I have heard of this exercise before and I think I might even have written a post about this before but over the course of the past few years my vision has become clearer so I will give it another go.

My perfect day begins by waking up to the sound of birds chirping as the sunrise begins and in the distance the waves roll in over the beach. I’m feeling fully rested and ready to start the day but since I’m a slow starter, I begin with a cup of tea and a few minutes of quiet time out on the patio looking over the ocean.

After my tea, I head out for a brisk walk down the beach for 20 minutes to get the blood flowing.

As I return to my beach house, my personal trainer arrives and I do my daily workout for 90 minutes. Sometimes it’s cardio based like Zumba or Crossfit, sometimes it more stretching Pilates or yoga and sometimes it’s weight training but it’s always a surprise.

After that I have my breakfast of fresh fruit, eggs or yogurt and bran buds. Then shower and get dressed.

By 9 am I’m in my home office and working on my daily priorities for 3 hours, whatever is on the to do list. These would consist of client meetings, project updates, the real meaty stuff that needs to get done, basically anything that requires a full office set-up with white board, computer, printer or a quiet uninterrupted space.

Then out for lunch with friends, colleagues or my husband. A really nice leisurely lunch with time for catching up and connecting while sitting outside on a patio somewhere.
After lunch then out around my little town to run errands, check out the market, get a pedicure or whatever’s on the list for the afternoon.

Now it’s close to 4 pm so walk or bike back to my house to have a quick dip in the pool, pour a glass of wine and do a couple more hours of work. This time the less formal kind. Things like team calls or one on one calls with staff to chat about strategy or do some brain storming about issues or any kind of more creative work. I would also create my do to list for the next day.

Then dinner with my husband, usually at home, something that I cook myself with all fresh and local ingredients. After dinner, some kind of activity with my hubby, such as bike riding or out on our boat for a tour of the bay and a little fishing.
At the end of the day, settle in for a movie or show at home and then in bed by 11 pm.



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