The adventure beckons

The adventure is near. After several months of preparation and renovation, I have finally listed my house on the market! Yay! I was beginning to wonder if that day would ever come but now here it is. Hopefully we have a quick sale and are on our way to location independence soon.
We have spent the last few months telling our family and friends about our ‘plans’ which are pretty vague for sure but still they don’t seem to have any clue what we are talking about. I think the closest to understanding is actually my dad, not a category I usually place him in, so that’s interesting. Everyone else is baffled to comprehend the idea of not having a home base or about not having many worldly possessions. They seem to believe that that this is backwards and I guess to most capitalistic cultures that’s true. They also seem to think its about them. We have heard a lot of complaining about how we aren’t going to be around anymore, as thought we are going to drop off the face of the earth. Guess they haven’t heard of technology, it’s okay, we’ll enlighten them.
I try to explain it as downsizing without buying a house. Kids are grown, house is empty and too big, husband now officially unemployed so therefore time to go. Since my husband isn’t working its a great time to take a few months and travel and without a house we don’t have any bills so it’s way less expensive. Still most people think we’ve lost our minds..and maybe we have but I’m okay with that, this is not irreversible. This decision is just a progression of life and the next one might involve having a home base, who knows. I’m not taking it lightly but I don’t view it as life and death either.
This next chapter will open up our realm of possibilities and I am very excited about that!


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