Job security is a fallacy

My husband gets laid off from his job…

My husband received a layoff notice last week and I could not be happier. Ok, that may sound a little callous but this is exactly the kind of life event that will help us move forward. He has been nothing but supportive of my dream to pull up roots and hit the road as professional hobos but this gives some added support to the cause. At no point in the future will he be thinking, ‘Man, I wish I would not have quit my job and followed you on this crazy adventure’. There is no job to quit, so therefore no regrets! I think it’s awesome, probably for selfish reasons but whatever.

To be clear- he has not be even remotely happy at his job for well over a year and so this is really a good thing for him too!

I have read many articles and books where the author cites losing a job as the best thing that ever happened to them. It provides motivation, requires a review of priorities, allows time for reassessing career goals, removes the whole ‘bird in the hand’ dilemma, and is generally a time for free thinking. On the flip side it can create a whole lot of anxiety and fear about money and job hunting. I think in our case it has relieved him of the anxiety around quitting ‘sure thing’ income and it also makes it easy to explain to family and friends.

Job security is a fallacy anyway…

Until last week my hubby was still a believer, as many people are, that with a job comes job security. Somehow, despite the economic downturn and the associated mass layoffs, the mindset that your employer will look after you has remained stuck in people’s heads. The fact that most people will hold ten or more jobs in their lifetime seemed only to apply to Gen Y or the Millennials. However, even baby boomers and Gen X need to consider that it’s not the mindset of the employee that determines tenure, it’s really up to the employer. Just because you don’t want to change jobs, doesn’t mean you won’t be forced to and maybe more often than you’d like.
I believe true ‘job security’ is actually ‘career security’. What I mean by this is actually having a set of skills that make you employable, either at a company or as a freelancer so that you can be assured of a steady stream of income. Sitting in a cubicle putting in your time because you think you have ‘job security’ is a waste of time. I believe that your work should be a positive part of your life and that it should fulfill some of your basic needs to create or participate. Putting in your time, as work is so often described sounds like a jail sentence, no thanks. How about some some Heck yeah or no!
Which is exactly what both my hubby and me are currently working on. Now to pick the start date of our new career!

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