Reinventing my career or myself?

I have made a lot of progress this week towards my new location independent career. I have two really good, or so I think, niche markets that I will be testing this week. If all goes well then I will launch them into full blown ebusiness sites in the next couple of weeks. A little market testing will hopefully verify my perception about what people need in the market right now. Stay tuned as I will certainly post the links here in my blog if I decide to do an all out launch.

Meanwhile, on the home front we met with our financial advisor last week and are getting our financial plan organized. This is just the tip of the iceberg though and the more I dig into what it takes to leave the country for six months or more, the more stuff gets added to the list! I plan to publish a complete list, maybe in a template format for other people to use, no use everyone inventing the wheel.

The house is really coming along with the decluttering. I feel lighter everyday as I purge more and more useless paraphernalia but there is still a long way to go. We want the smallest storage unit possible so we aren’t paying a fortune while we are away.

Our bathroom renovation has made some decent progress as well. I have secured the final two contractors and all the plumbing and electrical should be done by the middle of next week. Looks like I will be doing all the mudding and taping myself but a friend of ours has offered to help with the taping so that will help. It’s a lot of work but the cost is outrageous so we just have to do it ourselves. The target is to get everything done by mid-August.

Finally, as I go through this whole process of preparing to make this huge career change, it has occurred to me that this is really a total lifestyle change. This is going from worker to entrepreneur which requires a total mindset shift. This is more than just switching careers, which I have done before, and it’s really about reinventing the way I view the world. It’s a shift towards self sufficiency at its most basic level, a way of leaving behind the need to validate externally and just knowing that I am and will always be totally responsible for how I live.

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