The Critical Path to a Location Independent Career

In my project management work I think a lot about the critical path. It’s the shortest possible route to a complete project and the length of time each of the tasks on that path will take determines the shortest possible time frame to complete the project as a whole.

I have started viewing my career and lifestyle change in this way and it has really helped me to clarify what I need to get done, in what order and given me a time frame to work towards. It’s somehow comforting to have a familiar frame of reference in which to place something that seems so foreign!

So to that end I have created an awesome mind map using an app called Mindmeister which has helped me to see the skills I need to learn immediately and those which I can aspire to in the future. I have jotted down my various online business ideas and determined which ones are first on the list. I have also set some revenue goals, with dates of course, and made a rough budget of business expenses so I can predict my cash flow.

Phew. With all of that chaos out of my head, I have some clarity of purpose and a real sense of possibility that this new career style and lifestyle isn’t that off the wall and can be approached in much the same way I always approach new plans. Is it life changing? Sure. Is it irreversible if it doesn’t work out? Not at all. This is not a life or death situation, it’s just a change. My perspective on that is usually very clear but was a bit lost and I am happy it’s back. I highly recommend using this kind of mind mapping process if you need to make plan but require something more than just a list.

So onto the events of the week.

This week turned out to be hugely productive. We had a massive garage sale and sold a ton of old junk that has just been collecting dust in our basement for years. My hubby was so excited about the sale that he has been listing stuff on Kijiji ever since and sold a whole bunch more of our bigger ticket items. This is great as I really think he could be a savvy eBay or Amazon storefront marketer and this just proves my intuition was spot on!

Our bathroom reno hasn’t had much progress but I think we have at least found a plumber and a solution to our drainage problem. If we could just get an electrician we would be styling. We have set a target of mid-August to list the house and since we have two weeks of vacation in that time frame also, we really have our work cut out for us.

Speaking of time frame..I figure if we list our house by mid-August we should have it sold by September and an October possession date is exactly right. We can leave right around Halloween which should be just when the snow starts flying. I am so excited!

On the business front, I finally found my first suitable keyword for the Niche-site Duel that Pat Flynn is leading and I applied for the Mastermind group as well. If all goes well I should have my first passive income niche site up and running within a week and (fingers crossed) some income in the next month. I am also working on my copy writing and SEO skills as these seem to be universally required, no matter what form of Internet business I end up pursuing and are certainly critical to niche site development.

That’s all for now. Do feel free to leave me a comment if you have any tips or thoughts!


‘No fate but what we make. Sarah Connor’

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