Paralyzed by the Pursuit of Perfection

So, I have been very busy over the past couple of weeks trying to plan my new location independent career and so far I feel more than a bit overwhelmed! There are so many options and so many possibilities that my head is spinning. This post was supposed to be a clearly outlined list of options on what the next steps are to start earning an online income but that’s obviously not going to happen.
I have no idea what I am going to do next! Yikes.

I find myself dancing around the options and not committing to anything because I am afraid to make a bunch of mistakes that will cost me too much time and money.

Then this morning I realized the trouble. I am trying to find the perfect solution but guess what? There really isn’t one. There are many great options, some will work, some won’t, and then one or two will end up being the answer but no one can predict how anything will work out. So I just need to jump in and get to it.

Here’s what I do know for sure…it will be some type of Internet marketing pursuit and probably multiple types. I have been very actively absorbing the advice of the guys from Tropical MBA. They really know their stuff and they also have a ton of connections so I am checking out a few of those guys too. Specifically Pat Flynn, Sean Ogle and Joe Magnotti and Justin Cooke from Empire Flippers. I am reading their blogs and listening to their podcasts and scoping out their websites and really trying to figure out what they are doing and more importantly how they are doing it, so I can use some of their successful techniques.
The best advice I have gleaned so far is that since most of the sites I try will fail and I will have to move on to new things, then the best thing that can happen is that I fail quickly so I don’t waste too much time before switching tactics. Thanks Joe and Justin, that’s great advice!

End of pursuit of perfection. Start of blood, sweat, and tears phase.

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3 thoughts on “Paralyzed by the Pursuit of Perfection

  1. Justin Cooke

    Thanks for the mention/shout, Jo!

    I think you’re spot-on regarding failing fast. There’s really NO reason to delay starting because you learn SO much more once you get into it and get your hands dirty. That’s one of the biggest problems with new entrepreneurs. (and experienced entrepreneurs starting something new) It can be scary to just jump right in, but that’s really the best way to test. 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Justin. It’s nice knowing there are real people out there who have found a way!

  2. xtg120

    Reblogged this on My New Online Income.

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