Make money from anywhere, even your current location!

Mobile income seems pretty attainable, after all. There are countless ways to bring in cash and not all of them are what I had imagined. I assumed that I would have to try to sell some kind of tangible product that I somehow magically dreamed up. This would involve a lot of hard work, a ton of start up capital and would involve product development, production, and shipping and then might end in a total failure, pretty much like many traditional companies. Didn’t sound that awesome.
What I have been reading about is much more appealing. Pretty well all the sites, blogs, and newsletters that I have looked at are recommending a very cost effective market test before spending any cash on the usual big ticket start up items. They recommend spending a little bit of cash on an Internet domain, hosting and maybe a little advertising and see what kind of traffic and interest is generated. Not unlike market testing with sample product but in this case maybe not with a product in hand. Some suggest getting an Internet presence (ie. a blog, a Facebook page) established before even trying to talk about your product, which frankly seems a little more ethical than selling something that doesn’t exist. Some are suggesting selling expertise and knowledge and possibly even creating an eBook or subscription site with member only access to your content. There are even some more traditional freelance work opportunities but with some added bonus or royalties that keep rolling in long after the work is done. Helping companies maximize their returns through their websites is one that is most obvious for this work but other things like photography or travel writing fit here in this category as well.
The common denominator for them all is that they have some facet of passive income where once the site is set up there are income opportunities from a variety of sources, advertising, affiliate marketing, the product, without any manual intervention. In other words, this income is not a one to one trade of time for money. I can do the major work one time and just do small pieces of maintenance thereafter while the income stream actually increases over time.
Very interesting indeed. The best part is there is really ZERO risk! I can do this right now, no need to quit my job, sell my house, move to Costa Rica (although that does sound fun!) or anything that will jeopardize my current state. Perfect. I will start today!


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